Baset Temple Attraction info

Baset Temple Attraction info

Attraction Information

Baset Temple is a Buddhist temple that is perched atop a hill in Baset village, Tapon commune, Sangke district, Battambang province, 14.36 kilometers from Battambang Provincial Hall. In the eleventh century, between 1036 and 1042 AD, King Soryavarman I oversaw the construction of the temple (1002 – 1050 AD).

An old pond that is 12 meters wide, 20 meters long, and 10 meters deep, with circular steps built of laterite, is located on the temple’s site. It supplies water for usage throughout both the dry and wet seasons. The locals would drop coconuts into the pond during ceremonies to make wishes for various things, and if their wishes come true, the coconut would appear on the surface of the water.

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It was free before but for now we aren’t really sure. The ticket might be around a few US dollars. 

Depending on your purpose, you’d see ancient temple buildings, some are collapsed. There’s an ancient pond you shouldn’t miss. This can be a photo spot because people do shoot their pre-wedding photos at this temple. You can relax here.


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