This page is mainly focused on our disclaimers about and related to any information display on our website. We hope this will help clear out your doubts and solve out your curiosity.

There are different ways to introduce a new attraction but we believe that we are not novelists who is responsible telling you every detail possible. To be honest, we don’t guarantee how accurate each piece of information is given to you even we try even do try best. Our purpose with introduction is to give you a picture for your imagination on that attraction only. We suggest you to purchase a guide book for more detail or hire tour guide instead.

From one attraction to another, from time to time, there are always changes from expending more activities to scale down activities. So we can’t really ensure how accurate it is with the tourist activities we’ve given. 

And one more thing we would you to realize, it’s taking photos  and recording videos because it’s obvious that travelers do that normally. So sometimes we don’t include that in our info posts. 

We tries our best to get accurate info about the price of the tickets but you needy to know that when they update the price, we don’t get notified at the time unless we go and ask them again or people like you send us a message about the updated price. I wish they have an automated system where travelers can check the most accurate pricing info. For this reason, we don’t guarantee the price we’ve given you is accurate or up to date. And that we’re not responsible for your use information from our website.

We have used some terms in Khmer instead of English: 

  • Prasat = Temple
  • Phnom = Mountain
  • Krong = city, town


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