Fun ride all around in Bamboo Train Battambang

Fun ride all around in Bamboo Train Battambang

Bamboo Train 2015

Description: Creative Bamboo train becomes one attractive place for tourists. It is located about 5km from the center of Battambang to the south in a village named Oudambang, Oudambang II commune, Sangker district, a kind of a small moving bed speed train made up from Bamboo and wood. It’s size is 2.5m in height and 4m in width.

Brief history: Started in 1980 after Khmer Rough Regime, so there was no more train which left only the railway alone. People had an idea of transportation that can bring people, animal and other products from a bridge in the middle of the town to across a few districts to the south. First made, there was no machines yet, they use pieces of bamboo to move using the their hands and that was slow. Several years later, the engine came and it fasten the speed of the Bamboo Train.

What to see and do: More than a fun riding, just sit in the Bamboo train and while moving u can see rice fields, birds or even sunset, sometimes you can see kids swimming and do shopping when u reach the destination.

How to get there: by bicycle, Reumork ( Tuk Tuk), car or even bus as the road are built for making it easily to get there.

How much does it cost: $10 per train which can hold up to 8 people ( can be $5 or $15 depend on how far you want to go)

Our recommendation: in the evening for the sunset, recommend up to 6 people per train.

This is me 😀 Sopheak
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