Giving food to patients in Battambang 2015

Giving food to patients in Battambang 2015

On the 4th of October

        I joined with my university (SBUBB) to give some food to patients in 2 different hospitals in Battambang.
 It’s a part of many programs to help people in society, the university does this a few times a year. So I decided to join because it has a lot of advantages.

* help them reduce a small amount of food payment
* encourage them
*build relationship people to people, institution to institution.
* learn to do good things for the society and make peace at the same time
Meanwhile, this activity made me so happy and so proud to be part of it. I just realize this is one way that the happiness come from. I can’t promise but I’ll try help as much as I can from now on. Obviously, we are finding the meaning of life… so do I.

So much thanks to all the sponsors who are the most important part of the event that made this happens. The university and I are proud of you and and hope that we can continue to do this great activity more and more in the coming future. May all lucks come to you!

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