Kamping Puoy basin attraction info

Kamping Puoy basin attraction info

Attraction Information

Look at the history:
Kamping Puoy Lake (or Dam or Basin whatever you call it), in brief, it was dug by Khmer people during Khmer Rough Regime or Pol Pot Regime​ (1975-1979). It’s used to store water for the farmers around the  that area in Battambang and even  Banteay MeanChey Province as when needed.
It’s still a sad history for some Cambodian people who dropped their sweats and tears under the burning heat just to dig this out for agricultural purpose but I’ll put that aside for now.
Popularity: Let’s learn why it became a popular for the locals.

With plenty of water, the Lake are filled with beautiful water plants like lotus and waterlily. The water is extremely important for people around the area to do the rice farming.

Along the side of lake, there are dams built to control the water but the main one is huge which help people the community to do some small business.
A lot of cottages were built as eating places and relaxing place. So people can sit down and enjoy their food and the beauty of the lake.


You can get there by any on-road vehicles because the road is accessible.

No for entry but you may need to pay for parking. 

Locally, the locals go there to swim and play with the flowing water. They like to eat in the huts beneath the water and the food also cooked by locals. You can learn about the local lifestyles and people use this basin  for can be another thing. You can enjoy boating in the lake.


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