Suon Kra-Aub Khun Ream  Attraction Info (Garden in Banteay Srey, Siem Reap)

Suon Kra-Aub Khun Ream Attraction Info (Garden in Banteay Srey, Siem Reap)

Attraction Information

Suon Kra-Oub Khun Ream is a garden but more attractive with it’s unique creativities. This garden is popular among other attractions by the locals. It locates in Banteay Srey District, Siem Reap province. It is around 45 km away from Krong Siem Reap via National Road 67.

Any on-road vehicles

Not available

They have beautiful garden near by mountains with lots of colorful flowers and stuffs comes with creativities in attracting visitors. Surrounded by green tress and fields along with some small huts to let you sit or rest in their. They got great foods to serve your orders. You won’t regret to take photos. Last but more least, they also have overnight camping arrangement for your group of family, friends or collages. 

We found their Facebook page.

You can contact them through it if you want to.

PS. This is not a promotion or ads but a personal experience. My favorite thing about it was that cooked chicken.

Since this place keeps improving quickly, I decided to use some photos from their page to keep you up to date.


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