Phnom 1500 (Veal Veng, Pursat)attraction info

Phnom 1500 (Veal Veng, Pursat)attraction info

Attraction Information

In Veal Veng district of Pursat province, there is a fast-growing tourist site, one of the most heard of and popular mountains in Veal Veng is Phnom 1500 (a mountain called in Khmer: Phnom muoy Poan Pram Roy). With its rich of trees and shapes lands, stunning landscapes appeal in our very front eyes. Travelers love each piece of it.

Any on-road vehicles

Lots beautiful mountain lines along the way, with bending roads, some rainfalls unexpectedly often, small flowing streams here and there, green bushes and trees and so much to see without entering anywhere just drive in the roads. You can take as many photos as you like. Quiet surrounding mostly and foggy clouds on high mountain tops, sometimes you can hear sounds from birds and sound water flowing too. This place is long as the main feature is the road that takes leads you around

Important reminder: Prepare some necessary things like water, food for when you may need it also gasoline if you ride motorbikes. You can also ask for a phone number from an authority of the area, in case you’re emergency situation, however, there most likely no or not enough coverage though. 


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