Phnom Krom (Mountain & Temple) attraction info

Phnom Krom (Mountain & Temple) attraction info

Attraction Information

៉Picturesque hill & sunset spot featuring an ornate, 9th-century Hindu shrine & expansive views.៉

Phnom Krom is a 140-meter-high hill located near Siem Reap City, Cambodia. The temple located on the top of the hill is named after the hill, Prasat Phnom Krom.

About 12 kilometers southwest of Siem Reap town, there is Phnom Krom hill. The hill is very rocky and there is a local legend that says the rocks were exposed by the monkey general Hanuman during a hunt for medicine in the Ramayana epic. If you go west of the temple’s gate, you will be able to see the Tonle Sap lake.

You can use cars, motorbikes, bikes or on foot. 

This attraction is popular among the locals. Besides visiting the temple, people also come to do their religious activities, relax and hang out with friends and family. Some people come to enjoy the sunset and do exercise.

When you look down from the mountain, you’ll see the villages and fields and the Tonle Sap lake, the view is amazing, especially during the sunset, This can be a great spot for a photoshoot as well.

Some visitors come to visit the villages to study about people and the community surrounding the area.


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