Phnom Tamao attraction info (zoological garden and wildlife rescue center)

Phnom Tamao attraction info (zoological garden and wildlife rescue center)

Attraction Information

Phnom Tamao is a very popular attraction in Takeo. It takes abround 40.9 km from Phnom Penh via National Road 2. As a Zoological Garden and Wildlife Rescue Center, this center is doing an amazing job on wildlife protection. Ratha and I visited this place this month along with Chambab mountain and Chiso Temple. 

Any on-road vehicles.

Yes, a ticket is required 

It was a great experience among many other tour attractions so far. We recommend this place if you want the following: +connect with nature

+refresh your mind

+show some love to nature

+have a fun time with your kids

+contribute financial support

+learn or teach how important that is to protect wildlife and trees. 

From our experience, we love and enjoy how animals interact to us. Most of them are friendly and some tried to show us by running or moving around or come close to us or even make noise. Please try not to feed them as they have been taken care of. I mean there are professional staff who work properly to take care of them. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your visit.


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