Srah Damrei (Elephant’s Pond, Kulen Mountain) attraction info

Srah Damrei (Elephant’s Pond, Kulen Mountain) attraction info

Attraction Information

Srah Damrei is located around 70 km from Siem Reap city and around 7km from Kulen waterfalls. Phnom Kulen or Mahindrapot (Mahendrapot) is a sacred mountain, a symbol of Mount Sumeru, the first Angkorian city of the beginning of the glorious civilization of the Angkorian Kingdom of Cambodia.

The SrahDamrei is a large sculpture of an elephant made from sandstone. It is joined by several other smaller sculptures which have been dated back to the 8th or 9th centuries. 

It is accessible by motorbike and takes approximately one hour from the waterfall. The road condition at the time only lets us use motorbikes, bicycles, or on foot. Hopefully, through the development, we’ll be able to get there easier in the near future.


If you ask a local to drive you there, they might cost $15. 

After you learn something about this ancient site attraction, your hard work won’t regret, take some photos with those amazing ancient sculptures. You can relax and eat fruits picked from around that area by the locals. I went there with my fellow guide trainees, we were working on some research for our tour guide study. From my personal experience, I’m in love with this attraction even though getting there was a bit of a struggle. Thanks for reading.


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