The Flower House Attraction Info (Banan, Battambang)

The Flower House Attraction Info (Banan, Battambang)

Attraction Information

This place is called Begonia Flower House, a paid-to-enter space or park located in Banan District, Battambang. It takes around 25 minutes to drive or 14km from Battambang Town via National Road 154 and 8km to Banan Mountain.

Any on-road vehicles

Yes, it’s a paid-to-enter park

You can expect to see flowers and flowers decorated for amusement and photo poses. 

Visitors who go to this attraction are more likely to take some nice photos with flower walls as background. Besides, there are food and drinks available for when you are thirsty or want to try. 

We went there since the early development day, so this place might be improved so much more. 

Leave comments below if you want us to revisit this attraction.


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