The Garden of SamDech Sor Kheng attraction info

The Garden of SamDech Sor Kheng attraction info

Attraction Information

The Garden of Samdech Sar Kheng or Suon Sar Kheng is the most popular attraction in Battambang Town. This attraction is used for many purposes by the locals. Located right in the center of Battambang town, east side of Sangker River, and on the west side of Classy Hotel.

You can walk if you stay in town. Any on-road vehicles and Boating can take you there as well.

Free of charge

but vehicle parking has a fee

It’s free for people to come and do exercise. With this beautiful garden, people come to relax, read a book, do dancing exercises, walk, jog, run, and hang out, etc. Some prefer sitting, listening to music, and taking photos and videos. This place is usually busy in the evening unless there is raining. Besides, there are stalls for food and drinks nearby.


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