Tour to Tip Karam Pagoda attraction info (aka Pov Voery pagoda, east side of Tonle Sap)

Tour to Tip Karam Pagoda attraction info (aka Pov Voery pagoda, east side of Tonle Sap)

Attraction Information

Wat Tipkaram is an ancient temple located in  Peam Bang Commune, Stoung District, Kampong Thom Province. This temple was built in 1933 AD, corresponding to the Buddhist era of 2477, and was renovated in 2018.

You can use any on-road vehicle, then when you reach the lake, you need to take a boat.

It’s free but the fee should be for transportation or it can be paid when you book a tour package from any agency. 

The whole tour I took wasn’t about one thing. But this pagoda is beautiful when its colors are vibrant due to the reflection of the afternoon sun on the water. The rest is how fun the boating was while moving through the tiny paths and sometimes through the flooded forest. The lake itself is refreshing and makes us easy to inhale and exhale. I had the moments of some sort of adventure because this isn’t what I do often. You might experience some rain as in rainy seasons. The best time I really enjoy is the afternoon and it’s perfect for taking photos. Oh, the birds can be seen there too.

Ridding from one village to another, you will see more of how people live on the water as well as how it is important to preserve these natural resources for sustainabilities as a whole. I recommend this type of destination. 


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