Trip to  Fresh waterfall,  Ou Chorm in Samlot with SGC (video inside)

Trip to Fresh waterfall, Ou Chorm in Samlot with SGC (video inside)

Attraction Information

Welcome to Ou Chorm waterfall
I had a trip to Ou Chorm waterfall with SGC Cambodia students and leaders.
Overview: Ou Charm is hidden in hills and deep in jungle. Multi-steps of waterfalls take you some time and exhaustion but worth a try because waterfalls can calm you down.

Any on-road vehicles like cars and motorbikes are suggested due to how far it is and the road conditions. 

No ticket needed at the time of posting.

You’ll a natural combo of mountain, jungles and waterfalls. Beautiful green trees provides cool shades and many stages of waterfalls create relaxing sounds. You can trek and sit sometimes. Or you can swim or jump off the cliff into water pool. You can do camping or shooting photos. This attraction is one of my favorite natural attraction due to the experience it gave me so far.  Ou Chorm won’t let you down if you go within good weather. Go relax and shower there.


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