Visit Banan Temple Battambang most popular destination

Visit Banan Temple Battambang most popular destination

Attraction Information

Banan is centuries-old mountaintop complex with sandstone temples, forts & gateways with ornate carvings. Located about 25 km away from Battambang city to the south , this religious and historical attraction became a very popular for going-first. Banan is quite well-known as it’s been written in Khmer song lyrics. 

Any on-raod vehicles

Yes, at the time the ticket was $2 per ticket.

This is keeps getting improved from time to time. Even now it may look different from our gallery already. Climbing up is quite challenging but worth. Good for sunsetting. Since it’s not crowded this mountain provides traveler a relaxing experience by sitting down with trees shades cover up. The near by pond is now used to cool down the heat and many huts are built for eating, drinking and taking a nap. You can do this before or after you can climbed the mountain. The new Bamboo Train next to this mountain just a bit to the north. 


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