Visit Butterfly Farm and Garden in Kep

Visit Butterfly Farm and Garden in Kep

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A few kilo meters away from Kep town, there is a farm where butterflies live. It is called Kep Butterfly Far. It is for people who like flowers and butterflies to visit or study about butterflies, maybe.It you’re in Kep, don’t miss this place, 1 or 2 is worth the visit.

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It’s lacked of direction since you have to go through a small path but it’s worth the visit.
I like that garden since it’s free however, it’s optional you can make a small donation for further development and support the garden development. It’s a western run farm as I check the reviewed on Trip Advisor. 
Here are some photos I captured but it’s a bit dark in the evening that the butterflies going to sleep. 🙂

IMG 20160917 171454
IMG 20160917 171448
IMG 20160917 170913
IMG 20160917 170357
IMG 20160917 170447
IMG 20160917 170615
IMG 20160917 165305
You can sit and relax here
IMG 20160917 165109
IMG 20160917 165530
Good spot for photo taking
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It’s me, Sopheak
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