Visit countryside in Siem Reap

Visit countryside in Siem Reap

Happy new year 2016!

I celebrated my new year holidays by going on a tour. I was not a traveler though, I was an interpreter for a tour agency in Siem Reap.The location was in Suong Village, Bakong District about 7km north of Tonle Sap lake.

The tour programs were arranged by Buffalo Trails Cambodia and EWB to offer groups of engineering students from Australia to learn more about the communities in the countrysides.
During the 4 nights and 5 days,  beside staying and learning to adapt the living , the students learned so many different things. Additionally, they worked on their own projects to help find out the solutions to problems in the village.

I had a wonderful time with them and the villagers. It was such an interesting experience from interpretation and translation and the experience of living in the villages even helping out to find solutions to the problems as well.

Visit Buffalo Trails Cambodia’s website :

DSC 0341
The ox-cart travel 
DSC 0312
visit a near by school of an organization in the community
DSC 0386
Greeting some villagers
DSC 0823
Go on interviews in the village
DSC 0499
Learn to make the craft from palm leaf
DSC 0562
See how to cook flatten rice (Ambok in Khmer)
DSC 0963
Join an unexpected wedding ceremony in the village
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