Visit Kep’s Crap Market 2016

Visit Kep’s Crap Market 2016

Attraction Information

Crap Market is located in Kep central city next to the beach. People trade seafood such as sea craps, fish, and tons of other seafood products and souvenirs.

If you’re in Kep city you can use any vehicles even walking as this place is close within Kep small-sized land compares to other provinces. 

Absolutely not, unless you park with the parking service, where you’ll be charged.

There’s no difference to other markets but it’s kinda small not so crowded like big markets. If you’re looking to buy fresh crap, please check them throughly. Also, do some research like asking other people for their standard prices instead of asking the direct sellers or you’ll end up paying more then the actual price. Besides, you can see the surrounding areas, if you walk to the sea, you may see some seller bringing new fresh craps from there. That’s all, hope you enjoy your visit to this market.


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