Visit Koh Keh temple in Preah Vihear

Visit Koh Keh temple in Preah Vihear

Attraction Information

Koh Ker, a temple located about 65 km from Preah Vihear town via NR62 and NR64 and 115 km from Siem Reap town via NR64.

In Koh Ker, there are about two dozen temples and basins to visit, the most of them are located near a ring road that surrounds the former reservoir known as Rahal Baray. There are ruins of many more temples in the area, totaling more than 180 structures, but you can’t get to them since the area is unsafe; Koh Ker sits in the heart of the former civil war zone, which is still riddled with landmines. But don’t panic; thanks to foreign assistance, the most interesting temples, those along the ring road, are now protected.

Any on-road vehicles

Yes, 10 US dollars per adults and free for children under 12 years.

Koh ker is a beautiful temple and with it’s accessibility more travelers go there drastically. You can enjoy fresh air and learning about this temple at the same time. You can get a tour guide or a pocket guide book. 


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