Visit the most beautiful Tada Waterfalls in Kampot

Visit the most beautiful Tada Waterfalls in Kampot

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Tada beautiful waterfalls in Kampot

Tada Waterfalls (Tada Island Natural Resort) is one of the most popular places in Kampot. You can enjoy the cool waterfalls up on the mountain. It’s really natural and relaxing place.

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Around 21 km away from Kampot town, you’ll reach a long green mountain. You’ll see many local tourists and stall vendors along the way. Local tourists like to come when they free time or on holidays.

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Price for foreigner 3$/person
IMG 20160917 114944
The green mountain landscape with fruits trees like Durians, etc.
IMG 20160917 115716
Few big trees but still green 😀
IMG 20160917 113427
Street Venders
IMG 20160917 113523
This is a lower stage waterfalls, flows from the mountain
IMG 20160917 113528
lower stream
IMG 20160917 113552
When there are so many people on the mountain, some come back to this lower one
IMG 20160917 113610
closer look to the bottom of the riven

IMG 20160917 120033

When you reach there, on the mountain

IMG 20160917 120051

the way to upper waterfalls

IMG 20160917 120106

Who wants local fruits?

IMG 20160917 120432

They are building more cottages for people to rest and eat food.

On the mountain there are two different waterfalls, one is like the pool and in like real waterfalls.

IMG 20160917 120619

the Pool alike one.

IMG 20160917 120840

My guide Mr, Veng

IMG 20160917 133958

The bridge to real waterfalls

IMG 20160917 134414
It’s me, Sopheak

IMG 20160917 134840
My overall impression: I really like this place. It’s pretty cool waterfalls up on the mountain and can be reached easily. I like how it’s green and natural. I recommend this place when you visit Kampot province. Let me know what you think about this place in the comment section.

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