Visiting Amazing Ancient House in Battambang (cultural Village)

Visiting Amazing Ancient House in Battambang (cultural Village)

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Home is commonly known as a very important basic need for human being or animal, it keeps all living things warmth and safe. With a well decorated home that we call house. Houses were built from one generation to another, the changes of the look of the houses varied by regions or places. Today, let’s go visit an ancient house in Battambang.
In Cambodia, there are many ancient houses, remarkably in Battambang. And among those ancient houses, only two ancient houses are chosen to formally recognize and recommended by Ministry of Tourism. One of them was built in 1920 by Lok Oknha Nou Pinet Phoeung who was a commander in reign of Majesty Sisovat. Nowadays, this ancient house locates in Wat Kor village which is only one kilometer away from Battambang town. In there, you will meet a 70 year-old grand mother who is a grand daughter of Lok Oknha Nou Pinet Phoeung takes care of that house and a few more poeple probably her children there and ready to give you all the information about the house. Khmer, English and French are used for giving the info. Moreover, aside from the amazing views in the inside, a side of the house is full of souvenirs for all tourists such as scarf, house photos, bracelets, and more.

If someone goes to visit Battambang, don’t forget go to visit ancient house in Wat Kor village. And it will make all visit happy and many knowledge from it.

The below pictures are just some of what you will see:

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