What to see and do in Battambang as traveler

What to see and do in Battambang as traveler

We can’t travel to somewhere without having any idea of what we want to see and do, can we?

Let me make it short for you, by the way this is my personal recommendation only
 For short period of time or longer, you can make a good decision:

    To see and do in town:

    • Go see buildings and Sangker river, obviously, but it has different views at the different time whether in the morning, afternoon or night.
    • Go see the circus at Phare Ponleu Selpak, it’s a special school for me.
    • Go visit the museum (we’ve got a small museum in the center of the town, you are welcome to go see)
    • Some temples in pagodas are one of the tourist destinations too.(like DamreySor pagoda)
    • There are public gardens along Sangker river, every morning and evening you can go take fresh air or do exercise with other local people. You can also join a dancing class there too. I am sure there will be a lot of fun. 
    • Try shopping out, there are several markets and a few super markets as well, from food to clothes, from plastic to jewelry.
    • Take a cooking lesson with local restaurants. There is at least one restaurant that offers you cooking lesson. I don’t tell you the name but you can find it in the pub street in the town. 
    • There is a small pub street though, you know what I mean, go get some drinks and food, listen to music, make friends with Cambodian people. Oh if you want some coffee, go to Kinyei cafe.
    •  You may go see the football match at the airport 

    To see and do out of town:

    • Go climb mountains, Sampov mountain, Bannan mountain (see the bat caves) 
    • Take a Bamboo train rid, for fun
    • Go to see local lives of people in the countryside or along Sangker river, farmers, sellers, fishermen.
    • Go do kayaking or take boat ride in the river 
    • Prek Toal, Bird Sanctuary located with in Tonlé Sap Biosphere 
    • Go for temples, Baset, Banan, Prasat Snung, Ek Phnom, a popular ancient temple for visiting by local people. 
    • Kamping Puoy Lake, a huge well, dug out by Cambodian people during Khmer Rough regime.
    • Go see the grape farm, local people love to go get a bottle of homemade wine.
    • Go visit hospitals, universities…

    More to see and do:

    • Visit organizations 
    • Try Khmer sticky rice, Amok, Loklak and if you OK with the smell, try Brahok.
    • Do voluntary for charity, there many organizations in Battambang those are in need of a helping hand.
    • Learn more about the city history, arts, songs, statues, building construction…

    And there are even more to think of what to do, you can also share with me through comment below

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